March for Hennepin Bus Lanes

Several signs: Bus Needs Full Lane, Slow Buses Without Full-Time Lanes, Support Transit Riders, No Equity Without Full-Time Bus Lanes, Don't Delay The Bus.

On Tuesday, June 28th we take to the street to highlight Mayor Frey’s obstruction and the broad community support for full-time bus lanes from day 1. Join us!

What: March for full-time bus lanes
When: Tuesday, June 28th meet at 5 PM. March at 5:30 PM
Where: Smith Triangle Park (24th & Hennepin Ave)

The transportation status quo wants us to give up this fight. We’ve had an answer for their obstruction at every step of this process. We won’t stop.

Hennepin for People Save Our Bus Lanes March Poster. Stand Up For Equity. Stand Up For Sustainability. Override The Veto.

Mayor Frey blocks full-time bus lanes

On Friday evening June 17th, Mayor Frey acted to block full-time bus lanes for Hennepin Avenue which the day before had been approved by a vote of the Minneapolis City Council. We are disappointed but undeterred. 51% of local bus riders are people of color. Frey’s action disregards the needs of working class transit riders, adopted city policies, our city’s climate action goals, an outpouring of support from our community, the entire 15-member Minneapolis delegation to the state legislature, the expressed preference of Metro Transit, the recommendation of his own professional Public Works Department staff, and of course a vote of the Minneapolis City Council. We will continue to fight for full-time bus lanes. We want the $60 million E Line bus rapid transit to be successful from day 1 when it begins service on a newly reconstructed Hennepin Ave in 2026.

Actions to take to counter this mayoral veto:

💛 Send a letter requesting the council override the Mayor’s veto — organized by Our Streets Minneapolis
💛 Call Mayor Frey 612-673-2100 tell him you support full-time bus lanes on Hennepin Ave from day 1.
💛 March for Hennepin Bus Lanes on Tuesday, June 28th at 5 PM. Meet at Smith Triangle Park (24th & Hennepin), March at 5:30 PM. Join us!

Mayor Frey’s actions should match the transportation policies he says he supports when he’s campaigning.

The full text of Mayor Frey’s veto letter below:

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Act Now: To Prevent Mayoral Veto

Hennepin for People sign: No equity without full-time bus lanes with city council members in background

The City Council voted 8-5 today (June 16th) in support of full-time bus lanes for Hennepin Avenue. But this isn’t a done deal. Mayor Frey can use his veto power to block the Hennepin Avenue layout the council just approved. Help protect our big win!

💛Send a letter — organized by Our Streets Minneapolis
💛Call Mayor Frey 612-673-2100 — organized by Move Minnesota

Thank you Council President Jenkins (Ward 8), CM Chughtai (Ward 10), CM Payne (Ward 1), CM Wonsley (Ward 2), CM Ellison (Ward 5), CM Osman (Ward 6), CM Chavez (Ward 9), and CM Johnson (Ward 12) for supporting the Hennepin layout which includes full-time bus lanes, protected bike path, and pedestrian improvements.

Pack City Hall

We need people willing to show up to pack the City Council chambers (Room 317) and hold a sign on Thursday, June 16th at 9:30 AM. While we prevailed in committee, the vote of the full council is less certain. There won’t be testimony but your visible presence is meaningful! There will be plenty of signs to choose from. Join us!

Other ways to help:
💛 Contact your council member and Mayor Frey.

💛 Support Our Streets Minneapolis outreach efforts: send an email, gathering signatures in support of full-time bus lanes, rallying outside the mayor’s office.

Kids holding signs "Bus Riders Deserve Priority" and "Support Transit Riders" in the Hennepin for People bus

Open Streets Lyndale

We had so much fun! Thank you Our Streets Minneapolis for hosting events that center people, joy, and the opportunities we have to reshape our neighborhood streets.

Volunteers setting up Hennepin for People Tent

One of those opportunities is a street that serves bus riders! Many E Line BRT (replica) bus rides were taken. Thanks for stopping by and filling out the comment cards we were collecting to be delivered to Mayor Frey. We hope the Mayor and his Public Works Director realize there is broad support for full-time bus lanes – starting on day 1 of a reconstructed Hennepin Avenue.

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Hennepin for People supporters hold signs: Don't Delay The Bus, No Equity without full-time bus lanes, Caution Public Works Dept Ignoring Own Policies

We did it! (Now we do it again)

UPDATE 5/25: The Council vote on the Hennepin layout has been POSTPONED from tomorrow, May 26th. This is so supporters on the Council can clarify points raised in the committee meeting last week and lessen the chance of a mayoral veto. It will be discussed again on 6/9 and 6/16. No need for anyone to come to city hall regarding this issue. Thank you for staying ready!

We’ll be in touch with further information as necessary.

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Crowd shot of Hennepin for People rally

Thursday: Show Up for Bus Lanes at City Hall

Demanding Minneapolis City Council Vote to Restore Full-Time Bus Lanes to the Hennepin Ave Layout

This Thursday, May 19th, we are showing up at the City Council’s Public Works and Infrastructure Committee meeting. We’ll be in room 317, the council chamber, to insist the City Council follow through on full-time bus lanes for Hennepin Ave and not back down from their own existing policies.

For the past 14 months, every option presented to the public for a newly reconstructed Hennepin Avenue (to begin construction in 2024 from Lake Street to Douglas Avenue) has included full-time bus lanes. Now we’ve learned, just days before the first committee vote, and less than two weeks before it heads to the full City Council, that new Public Works director Margaret Anderson Kelliher has decided to pull the full-time bus lanes from the plan.

The case for full-time bus lanes is clear. Some of our points below:

The behind-the-scenes removal of full-time bus lanes from the Hennepin plan is motivated by politics – not data, not equity, not concern for the climate, not good stewardship of public resources. We will be in the council chamber on Thursday calling on the City Council to ensure the plan they approve includes full-time bus lanes on Hennepin Avenue.

Hennepin finally heads to City Hall

We're Raising Our Voice! Public Works & Infrastructure Committee Minneapolis City Hall, Room 317. 1:30 PM Thursday, May 19th.

Support a resilient, equitable, and community-oriented street that puts people and planet first. Share your story and testify at City Hall. Together we can defeat the shortsighted politics of the transportation status quo. We get what we fight for. Let’s fight for a street for people!

Public Works & Infrastructure Committee
Minneapolis City Hall (350 S 5th St), Room 317
Thursday, May 19th at 1:30 PM 

Pre-register to pack the room here (we’ll keep you updated on the process) Update 5/17: There will likely not be public testimony on this item. We mistakenly assumed there would be. But it is still vital to show up and pack the council chamber to demonstate the overwhelming public support for a full-time bus lane.

17W traveling northbound on Hennepin Avenue. New housing under construction near Uptown Transit Station

An eye to the future

Hundreds of people will live in this building next to the Uptown Transit Station. How do we get them to choose the bus? The Minneapolis City Council, Mayor Frey, & Public Works Director Margaret Anderson Kelliher need to stick with their own staff recommended plan to put dedicated bus lanes on Hennepin Avenue.

The city’s 2040 plan called for more housing to accommodate a growing population and a transportation system to support that growth. The goal is a system that encourages fewer car trips, not more. Doing one without the other — growth without transit — is a recipe for failure.

We know 51% of bus riders on local routes are people of color. We know bus riders are more likely to be low income or working class. Will the city follow through on its equity goals and prioritize the needs of these riders?

We know transit is a lifeline for disabled riders. According to a US DOT survey, the reason most often cited by disabled individuals who have difficulty getting the transportation they need: “no or limited public transportation.”

We’re spending $60 million on bus rapid transit in this corridor. This is a potential boon to our city’s climate and equity goals— if we give it the space to be successful. Let’s ensure these buses actually live up to the name “rapid.”

We know that during peak times, bus riders are 49% of the people in vehicles on this stretch of Hennepin Avenue. This is a corridor with a large population of transit users. Let’s build on the existing strengths of this neighborhood.

Bus Mode Share Graphic. On a typical weekday at 8 am, buses are 3% of motor vehicles and move 49% of people on Hennepin Avenue. In the afternoon peak hour, buses are 2 % of motor vehicles and move 45% of people on Hennepin Avenue.

If there’s any place in the city that needs full time bus lanes, it’s right here. It’s time to tell city leaders: stop working against your own policies, stop fighting your own staff recommendations, and follow through on the plans you adopted.

We’re planning a street for the next 50 years! Will we build a street that allows us to meet our climate, transportation, and equity goals?

Act Now!