We marched for full-time bus lanes

Crowd shot of people holding signs. Sign one: All-Day Bus Lanes Are Critical For Hennepin"-Metro Transit. Sign two: Earth is overheating (drawing of earth and three sad faces) Prioritize the Bus. Sign three: Caution Public Works Dept Ignoring Own Policies. Sign four: Bus Need Full Lane. Sign five: Don't Delay The Bus.

We took to the street on June 28th to highlight Mayor Frey’s obstruction and the broad community support for full-time bus lanes from day 1. Thank you for coming out!

Hennepin for People sign: Mayor Frey + Council Members Goodman, Rainville, Palmisano, Koski and Vetaw are Anti-transit, Anti-Equity, Anti-Climate. With little icons no bus, no justice scale, and no earth. Additional sign says Slow Buses Without Full-Time Lanes and people in background.
Our Streets Executive Director Ash Narayanan and Raquel Sidie-Wagner, Community Engagement Specialist marching for full-time bus lanes.
Crowd shot of people marching on Hennepin Avenue holding signs
People marching south with Uptown Transit Station up ahead.
Post march people gathered at Uptown Transit Station holding signs in support of full-time bus lanes
People gathered at Uptown Transit Station in support of full-time bus lanes (Walker Library in background).

💛Our thanks to the Star Tribune, Southwest Voices, and WCCO for covering our event! 💛