Hello! We’re your neighbors (and your customers, business friends!), coming together to support dedicated space for transit and a safe, separated bike path for the Hennepin Avenue reconstruction project. Like you, we want a vibrant and safe street that supports all people no matter how they travel and is good for our local business. Join us!

We know Hennepin Avenue can be better than it is right now, a place where community gathers because of the way the street is designed, rather than in spite of it. We dream of a vibrant street where every person on it matters, feels welcome, and can move safely without fear of injury or death. We want to be able to have dinners on patios with friends without having to shout over the toxic din of speeding cars or pause as muffler-less drag racers speed by. We want to be safe crossing the street with our families. We want to be able to hop on a NiceRide to the Walker Art Center without worrying about how to get there, pick up a Christmas tree at the hardware store and bike it home. Our goal is a street where we want to linger, a destination for our friends and family visiting us from around the Twin Cities, a Hennepin Avenue for people. 

💛 We hope that’s your goal too. We’ll see you on Hennepin, friends!💛

Contact us: [email protected]