The Plan

Hennepin Avenue project area map. Simplified map with lines, graphic representation. Yellow thick route line along project area from Lake Street to Douglas Avenue. Project area streets are marked. Lake of the Isles included on map.

On March 2, 2021 the City of Minneapolis presented us with two options for the Hennepin Avenue reconstruction project from Lake Street to Douglas Avenue. Unfortunately, Option 2 does not meet the real needs of a street like Hennepin Avenue. It would not include any way for people to safely bike to and between the homes, parks, schools, and businesses along Hennepin Avenue. This would be replicating the current design problems of the street. People either bike on the sidewalks (encroaching on those walking and using wheelchairs) or in the street with buses and trucks (risking themselves). Some people feel so unsafe they avoid the street altogether, weakening our local businesses, or they drive instead, causing congestion and worsening air and noise pollution.  

Hennepin Avenue Option 1. Cross section of street. Space for pedestrians, a mother and her children biking, dedicated bus lanes, car lanes in each direction, median with flowers separating north and southbound traffic, more pedestrians one with a walker, outdoor dining. A Hennepin for people. There is a streetlight, barbershop storefront awning, umbrella with chairs, a tree and flowers. Centered orange box with the following text: We welcome you to join us--your neighbors and customers--in supporting Option 1. It's the best choice for our businesses, our community, and our future

Option 1 best aligns with the vision we share for this important corridor, lined with hundreds of homes and dozens of businesses, ferrying thousands of people each day by foot, wheelchair, scooter, bike, skateboard, bus, and car. Option 1 creates one of the best main streets in our region, a pleasant, safe, and vibrant place for our community. It welcomes and is safe for everyone, no matter how we travel. For the sake of the corridor’s long-term vitality, Option 1 is the choice for our community and local businesses.   

Support Option 1: send a message to [email protected] or call 612-673-3594. A simple “I like Option 1” works and check our Act page to see how you can help make Hennepin Avenue a place for people.

Hennepin Option 1 Rendering. Text in yellow banner Hennepin Avenue for All--Option 1. Mom and kids biking north on street. People of all abilities out enjoying a vibrant place for people.