30 Days of Biking

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General Manager, Pizza Hut
(2313 Hennepin Ave)
Hennepin Grocery Store 2440 Hennepin Ave S Bakery Assistant

💛A sampling of citywide support for the Public Works recommended layout for Hennepin Avenue💛

I bike regularly from Lynnhurst to Downtown and take Bryant which is great, however, I’d love the opportunity to be on a path both separated from cars by a curb for safety and have the experience of Hennepin Avenue’s life and energy. This would be a wonderful option. It further provides equity in access to everything this stretch of Hennepin Avenue has to offer, for all people, whether they’re on foot, in a car or on a bike. As a bicyclist and architect, I think it’s a great design idea.
I live in St. Paul, but recently purchased a cargo bike from Perennial Cycle on Hennepin Avenue. I live off Larpenteur, which turns into Hennepin Avenue, in Minneapolis. My dream is to ride my bike from my house to Perennial on safe protected bike lanes. The Hennepin Avenue South reconstruction project would be a positive step towards reaching that goal.
I use Hennepin Avenue via multiple modes (driving, transit, walking) and find it unsafe and unpleasant. As a future METRO E Line commuter, I'm excited that the proposed redesign will make transit more reliable. I'm also looking forward to a safer pedestrian experience for exploring all of the recent development along the corridor.
Hennepin Ave has so much potential to be a great place to shop, dine, and live, but cars make travel there by bus or bike slow and dangerous. Hennepin Ave isn't working now, so it's time to make a change and disrupt the status quo.
The proposed redesign of Hennepin Avenue will be a lot safer for everyone – pedestrians, people on bikes, people riding buses, and people in cars. It will help eliminate traffic deaths and severe injuries along the route, especially compared to its current configuration. The redesign will be safer for all, more equitable for all, and help address climate change.
I support the Hennepin Avenue redesign because I want to bike and take the bus with my family to the great businesses in Uptown. I want to raise my kids to be independent, but I can't do that if I have to chauffeur them everywhere in a car.
I support the Hennepin redesign because it means a safer and more enjoyable street for all ages, no matter how you choose to get around. By the time the reconstruction is complete in 2026, my oldest daughter will be approaching the age where she can move around our city more independently. Providing dedicated transit and bike lanes will allow future generations more freedom and choice in how they get to school, shops, and meetups with friends.
My family uses bikes for work, school, and recreation. We regularly go downtown, to the lakes, and down the greenway (really, all over the city). We don’t often spend a lot of time in Uptown or on Hennepin because it is not safe for bicyclists or pedestrians. Having bike infrastructure on Hennepin Ave would provide my family a safe connection to businesses on Hennepin and a safe route to get to uptown, the lakes, and downtown. In the winter we utilize Metro Transit a lot and making transit a 1st class citizen would convince many other people to use it too. Dedicated lanes are a must on Hennepin.
As much as we frequent businesses on Hennepin, we rarely ever take our cars on it because of the high rates of car crashes. It’s a chaotic street, and we want to safely visit our go-to shops and restaurants! Part of what would make it safer is designated space for busses and bikes. That way we can all enjoy Hennepin!