Hennepin Avenue dangerous by design

Two cars crashed and damaged. Red light runner. Bus in background. Biker on sidewalk observing. Car traffic in background.

We’ve held two daytime events on Hennepin Avenue in the past month. On both occasions we witnessed what has become routine due to the dangerous design of this street. At our awareness event on August 13th a driver repeatedly did donuts during Friday evening rush hour at the 24th Street intersection. And on our most recent ride we came upon the aftermath of a serious crash that happened immediately prior to our ride at the 26th Street intersection. For people who live, work or spend time on Hennepin, this isn’t anything new. We know Hennepin isn’t safe for people, whether they’re inside a car or out.

Riding your bike on Hennepin Avenue in its current state takes more than a little courage and passion. We hope the City of Minneapolis, Council Members and the Public Works Department Management, recognizes the desire of everyone who took part in this ride — young and old, of varying abilities — to see a Hennepin Avenue designed for people.

Hundred of us (what a sight!) rolled down Hennepin Avenue, from Douglas to Lake Street, in support of safe, dedicated space for buses, bikes, and pedestrians. It was an unforgettable experience. We believe we can make that feeling of safety, comfort, and human connection routine on Hennepin Avenue. Sign our petition!