We need your help to ensure the City of Minneapolis takes action to create a pleasant, safe, and vibrant Hennepin Avenue for our community. We want dedicated transit lanes and a safe, separated bike path, along with pedestrian improvements. We’ll update this action list as we make our way through the process for the Hennepin Avenue reconstruction project. The next step in the Hennepin Avenue reconstruction process is consideration and a vote before the City Council. 

  • Pre-register to pack the room at City Council PWI Committee on Thursday, May 19th. Meeting location: Minneapolis City Hall (350 S 5th St), Room 317. We’ll keep you updated on the process and provide talking points in the event people are allowed to testify and share their story.
  • Supporter testimonials: send us a pic, name, ward, neighborhood, your preferred pronouns, and a brief statement why you support the Hennepin redesign (about 3 sentences). Email to [email protected]
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