Contact Mayor & City Council

As Hennepin Avenue makes its way through the city approval process it’s important for city leaders to hear from you. Tell them what you like about the recommended layout which includes: dedicated 24/7 bus lanes, protected two-way sidewalk level bike path, pedestrian improvements — and a safer, more predictable driving experience with left turn lanes & parking/loading bays.

Mayor’s Office

Mayor Frey
Email: [email protected] phone: 612-673-2100

Mayor Frey’s Chief of Staff (please cc)
Email: [email protected] phone: 612-673-3665

Public Works Director
Email: [email protected]

Minneapolis City Council Members contact info, email and phone:

Ward 1 Elliott Payne
Email: [email protected] phone: 612-673-2201

Ward 2 Robin Wonsley Worlobah
Email: [email protected] phone: 612-673-2202

Ward 3 Michael Rainville
Email: [email protected] phone: 612-673-2203

Ward 4 LaTrisha Vetaw
Email: [email protected] phone: 612-673-2204

Ward 5 Jeremiah Ellison
Email: [email protected] phone: 612-673-2205

Ward 6 Jamal Osman
Email: [email protected] phone: 612-673-2206

Ward 7 Lisa Goodman
Email: [email protected] phone: 612-673-2207

Ward 8 Andrea Jenkins
Email: [email protected] phone: 612-673-2208

Ward 9 Jason Chavez
Email: [email protected] phone: 612-673-2209

Ward 10 Aisha Chughtai
Email: [email protected] phone: 612-673-2210

Ward 11 Emily Koski
Email: [email protected] phone: 612-673-2211

Ward 12 Andrew Johnson
Email: [email protected] phone: 612-673-2212

Ward 13 Linea Palmisano
Email: [email protected] phone: 612-673-2213

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