We continue on

612 bus at Uptown Transit Station. Transit riders waiting at station. Uptown sign in background.

The work is not finished just because we passed the city’s comment deadline on April 16th. As we prepare for what comes next, we’re energized by your support! The opposition is working to prevent Hennepin Avenue from being reconstructed in a way that’s consistent with the city’s existing, adopted policies. But we’re growing and gaining momentum every single day. Our message is resonating. Any design for Hennepin Avenue must include dedicated 24/7 transit lanes and a safe, separated bike path.

This isn’t just about one street in Uptown; this is precedent-setting for how we shift the transportation system and how we design other streets. The design choices made for this city-controlled street will shape future decisions for county-owned streets (Franklin, Lowry Ave NE, Lake, Lyndale, West Broadway) that threaten the health and safety of Minneapolis residents. This is a racial equity issue. BIPOC residents are disproportionately represented among transit riders and those killed and injured in pedestrian and bicycle crashes.

Now is a critical moment. Will the city follow their ambitious policy goals found in adopted city policies like the Transportation Action Plan, Vision Zero, and Complete Streets? Will we use this opportunity to meet our climate goals by reducing car trips and associated emissions? Will we reduce injuries and lower car pollution in marginalized communities? Now is the time to shift the system.

Join us as we continue to hold the City of Minneapolis accountable. Stay tuned!   

Thanks again to Derek for these images.