Transit riders deserve priority

At 22nd and Hennepin. Person crossing southbound in street.

The E Line BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) for bus route 6 is coming to Hennepin Avenue in 2025. Construction is set to begin in 2024. E Line BRT will run about every 10 minutes 7 days a week, while the local route 6 bus will run every 20 minutes. Metro Transit is currently accepting feedback on their Draft Corridor Plan through October 31.

Benefits of BRT:
💛 Faster, more frequent service
💛 Pre-boarding fare payment for faster stops
💛 Neighborhood-scale stations with amenities
💛 Larger & specialized vehicles
💛 Buses get traffic signal priority for faster trips
💛 Riders can board or exit from any of 3 bus doors (on 60 ft buses)
💛 Stations with heat, lighting, and real-time departure info

We encourage you to submit a comment:
💛Ask for dedicated transit lanes (including on Hennepin Avenue)
💛Support the inclusion of all stations being proposed
💛Request stations be designed with future protected bike lanes in mind
💛Support far-side bus station placement at intersections

Submit a comment today! You can also give feedback on individual stations. Like with everything else, the status quo resists change, so your comments really make a difference to counter that.

We need to make the most of this E Line BRT investment and ensure transit riders have quick and reliable service. Traveling by bus from Uptown to Downtown on bus rapid transit should actually be “rapid.” The E line BRT route, and Hennepin improvements, would also benefit transit riders outside the Uptown area trying to get to Southdale or Berry on University Avenue (Westgate Green LRT station). With investment in BRT infrastructure, we know ridership will grow. Back in March, City of Minneapolis Public Works Engineer Allan Klugman stated that the current 6,600 bus riders per day is expected to become 14,000 bus riders once the E Line bus rapid transit is added.

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