Thank Public Works

Thank you! We're absolutely thrilled to see the final Hennepin Avenue design puts people. community, and planet first! Thank you to the Public Works staff for everything you do to make Hennepin Avenue a pleasant, safe, and vibrant community street! Thank you, friends, for supporting a positive vision of our city's future! Coming soon! Dedicated 24/7 bus lanes! protected bike lanes! pedestrian improvements! safer vehicle lanes!

With the Hennepin Avenue design proposal, Minneapolis Public Works has shown their commitment to city policies from climate action and racial justice to vision zero. We’re so grateful for the tireless (and often thankless) work, talent, and leadership of all the staff involved!

If you know Hennepin Avenue, whether you live on or near it, go to destinations on it, or travel along it, you know how stressful and unpleasant it is. And you know the kind of impact this design will have on not just your daily quality of life, but on our entire community!

Public Works’ choices and leadership shape our lives. Their innovative design for Hennepin Avenue is key to making Minneapolis an equitable, accessible, + sustainable city. It’ll impact us as we walk to get groceries, bike to the library, or bus to a party, whether we’re 8 or 80.

Public Works staff have spent years working on Hennepin Avenue since 2018. They’ve been the target of intense emotions that come with resistance to change and with the anxiety of a pandemic. They’ve heard a lot about what people hate/fear. We want to tell them what we love about their design!

Can you send a quick email today telling them how their innovative redesign will actually impact your life? What will it mean to you when you can:
…bike down Hennepin Avenue with your kids without fearing death?
…take transit zipping along in a dedicated lane?
…cross the street safely to get groceries?
…hear your friend while you dine on a patio?
…drive on Hennepin with less stress?

Contact the following people:
Senior Transportation Planner Hughes [email protected]
Interim Public Works Director Hjelle [email protected]
Deputy Director Dodds [email protected]
Director Hager [email protected]