New way to help: become a delegate!

Hennepin Avenue community members. Graphic of people involved. All backgrounds and ages. Families and single people. Diversity of people from different backgrounds.

This is a Municipal election year in Minneapolis. We’ll vote for Mayor, City Council, Park Board, Board of Estimate and Taxation. We’ll also have the opportunity to vote on charter amendmentspublic safety, the ability to have rent control, giving the Mayor more control of city departments. This latter one means a big change in our government structure. There’s a lot at stake this year in local politics. You should get involved.

We encourage you to make Hennepin Avenue one of your top issues in whichever party you are affiliated with. Help us make Hennepin Avenue a place for people. When candidates reach out to you for their support tell them why Hennepin Avenue is one of your issues and its importance to you. A good outcome is not guaranteed and we need to push hard for change.

We can shape the city we want to live in, from the design of our streets to our system of public safety. We can imagine something better than currently exists.

Graphic of people and different mobility uses. Image starts with a Black dad with a child in stroller, an old man with a walker, a brown woman with teal glasses walking, a visually impaired person with a cane, a lady in a wheelchair, a girl in a hijab skateboarding, a blonde girl with a scooter, two black kids biking, a bus, bus driver and riders, route says yellow heart Hennepin, a man in a car, black kids on bike, blonde girl on scooter, girl in hijab skateboarding, lady in wheelchair, visually impaired person with cane, brown lady walking, older man with walker, and black dad with kid in stroller.

Minneapolis DFL process
Register right now at or call (612) 552-4215, or text (612) 712-7461. 

It’s more accessible than it has been in the past. Register to caucus anytime between April 1 and April 30. You may re-register at any time if you need to update information. Please become a delegate and encourage others to do so. You can shape policies and outcomes! 

Keep in mind volunteers are manually checking registrations, so email confirmations aren’t immediate. Usually within a day of registering you’ll get an email confirmation. They’ll send a postcard via US mail with a code to verify your address. Once you receive it go to the website listed on the postcard and you confirm by entering the code. Then a day or so later they’ll confirm you’re all registered. It’s that simple. You can always call/text them for help. There are many open delegate slots right now, so please check the box to become a delegate to both your Ward and City Conventions.

Contact us at [email protected] for other party processes, we’ll include it in a post.