Listening Session

Hennepin Avenue Listening Session January 20th at 5 PM. Join elected officials online to share your experiences and what matters to you! Share your thoughts on Public Works' multimodal layout. What are your experiences on Hennepin Avenue right now? What kind of community corridor do you dream it can be?

We’re co-hosting a Hennepin Avenue online listening session with Move Minnesota. Share your experiences and hopes for the future with elected officials this Thursday, January 20th! For meeting link, register for event.

This is your chance to tell policymakers what you think.

Are you looking forward to a faster commute with 24/7 bus lanes? A safer biking experience to access all the great local businesses on Hennepin Avenue? A more livable neighborhood? Sidewalk dining where you can actually hear the other people at your table? Safety features for pedestrians? A better driving experience? We know the current street doesn’t work for people who walk, bus, roll, bike or drive. It’s important that your voice is heard. The opposition is making plenty of noise.