Hennepin Week!

Pile of comment cards supporting Option 1

Now is a critical moment in the Hennepin Avenue reconstruction project. The City of Minneapolis comment deadline closes this Friday, April 16th.

We’re getting everything ready to submit from our outreach. You can be a huge factor in the outcome for Hennepin Avenue. Join our efforts!

Three ways you can help support Option 1:

Streets.mn posts!
We’ve got a half dozen Hennepin Avenue posts in the works for this week. Please read, comment, and share with your networks so others understand how critical Hennepin Avenue is and how to support Option 1. 

Social media! 
Make sure you’re following us on social media Twitter and Instagram. Please like, boost, and share our posts to your networks. And tag us in your own posts on the topic.

City input!
Don’t forget to do the basics, too! Fill out the city survey. Share your personal experiences and observations on the interactive map. And don’t underestimate the power of sending emails to city staff ([email protected]) or giving them a call at 612-673-3594. 

We’re growing our support every single day. Remember, what happens on Hennepin Avenue at this moment can shape other streets including county owned streets. What will our future look like? A street for everyone? Will it reflect adopted city policies* and the action this moment requires? We can shape the outcome, so lets push as hard as we can through Friday.

*City policies:

  • Transportation Action Plan (2020)
  • Minneapolis 2040 (2019)
  • Climate Emergency declaration (2019)
  • Social Cost of Carbon (2019)
  • Vision Zero (2017
  • Complete Streets (2015)