Action alert

I support Option 1 for Hennepin Avenue because please keep everyone safe! little heart drawing

Now is the time to act. We can’t let this project be delayed or made worse behind the scenes. The opposition is working to prevent Hennepin Avenue from being reconstructed in a way that’s consistent with the city’s existing, adopted policies.

Two important steps you can take to help support dedicated transit lanes and a safe, separated bike path:

  1. Sign our petition
  2. Call or email your Minneapolis City Council Member. Contact info and talking points provided below.

Email Subject: Support Hennepin Avenue

Please put these in your own words — the council responds well to original messages. Here are some talking points, feel free to mix and match. We ask that your message include support for dedicated space for bikes and buses. We’re also requesting no delays—a vote on the design should happen this year.

💛 Ward 1 residents include the following: Council Member Reich, in your role as Chair of the Transportation and Public Works committee, I request that you put Hennepin Avenue’s reconstruction/redesign on the agenda for a vote this year.

💛I support the Hennepin Avenue reconstruction project because (climate change is important to me/I want to safely bike/I want better bus service/I want to safely cross the street/etc)

💛Hennepin is a test to see if the city can stay true to their ambitious policies found in the Transportation Action Plan, Vision Zero, Complete Streets.

💛A vote must happen this year, no delay. 

💛The process for the Hennepin Avenue reconstruction started in 2018, staff and community members have put a lot of time into this. 

💛The city must follow the Transportation Action Plan and have dedicated bus and bike lanes.

💛What happens with Hennepin Avenue, a city-controlled street, can shape safer street design on county-controlled streets like Franklin, Lowry Ave NE, Lake, Lyndale, West Broadway. These streets in their current form threaten the health and safety of Minneapolis residents.

💛This is a racial equity issue. BIPOC residents are disproportionately represented among transit riders and those killed and injured in pedestrian and bicycle crashes. 

💛We need to lower our emissions from cars so street designs must accommodate other modes of travel. That means dedicated space for bikes and buses.

💛Mention that you support Hennepin for People.   

Minneapolis City Council Members contact info, email and phone:
Ward 1 [email protected] phone: 612-673-2201
Ward 2 [email protected] phone: 612-673-2202
Ward 3 [email protected] phone: 612-673-2203
Ward 4 [email protected] phone: 612-673-2204
Ward 5 [email protected] phone: 612-673-2205
Ward 6 [email protected] phone: 612-673-2206
Ward 7 [email protected] phone: 612-673-2207
Ward 8 [email protected] phone: 612-673-2208
Ward 9 [email protected] phone: 612-673-2209
Ward 10 [email protected] phone: 612-673-2210
Ward 11 [email protected] phone: 612-673-2211
Ward 12 [email protected] phone: 612-673-2212
Ward 13 [email protected] phone: 612-673-2213