A day in the life of Hennepin Avenue

Man walking across street surrounded by cars.

Thank you to our volunteer Derek Bauer for capturing the feeling of Hennepin Avenue. Drowning in a sea of cars. Chaotic, loud, and hard to track where the next danger will come from.

What makes a place?

What makes a place? It’s the people.

Yet, we have signs of life and what could be. We enjoy a stroll with ice cream, we cross the street to visit businesses, we shop for groceries, we wait for the bus, we bike. The people make this place. They bring it to life and make us imagine what it could be instead of what it isinstead of all the ways it fails us. Let’s make Hennepin work for people! Join us in letting the City of Minneapolis know we want a place for people: Option 1 is the only inclusive choice. Send a message in support to [email protected] or call 612-673-3594

We allied with some of our most forward-thinking local organizations to write a letter in support of Option 1, including Our Streets Minneapolis, the Midtown Greenway Coalition, Move Minnesota, the Sierra Club, and the Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota

Read the letter here and add yourself to the list of people signing here include your ward info under Affiliation. Sign by April 15th!